FPGA Clocking

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I have Nexys4 FPGA , it has a system clock of 100mhz, can it generate 200mhz clock, when using Clocking Wizard IP?

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Reply by adamt99March 5, 2022

Yes if you set up the Clocking wizard correctly it can, just set the clock out to 200Mhzit is really quite simple to do

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Reply by HGolaMarch 5, 2022
Screenshot 2022-03-05 105138.png

Screenshot 2022-03-05 103919.png

I am getting this error. 

Please help.

I am currently trying to run Tri Mode Ethernet IP, for that i need a clock of 200MHZ(+ve and -ve, or you can say 200mhz clock 180 degree out of phase) from nexys4 fpga 

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Reply by nuriaordunaMarch 5, 2022

Are you trying to connect an IBUFDS at the output of the clock wizard? If you send a clock diagram of what you are trying to do or a snippet of the code that could be helpful.