New Email Notifications System

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If I implemented the new email notification system well, this new thread should trigger an email notification to all members who have been approved to participate to the new forums.

I made it very easy for you to opt out.  You can either follow the link in any of the notification messages you receive or you can click on the Unsubscribe button that you will see in the right column when browsing the forums. 

But my hope is that you will stay subscribed and help the new forums gain momentum.

You have been subscribed to only one of the four *related sites forums - the one on which you created your account.  If by any chance you are interested by the new threads that could get posted on any of the other related sites, you can go ahead and subscribe to the other forum(s) easily, simply by clicking on the 'Subscribe' button located in the right column of the forum in question.  Please let me know if you are unsure how to proceed.

As the number of new threads created per week will increase, it might become annoying for you to receive several emails per week, especially if most threads are of no interest to you.

That is why the next improvement to the email notification system will be to add the ability for members to subscribe to one or more hashtags, in order to receive notifications ONLY when a hashtag of interest is present in the new thread.  

The vision is for a new thread to eventually receive one or several replies within a couple of hours of being posted.  The email notification system should greatly help to reach this objective.

The vision is also for a good reply to eventually generate up to $10 (5 beers) or maybe even more in rewards to the author of the reply.  For this, members will have to get comfortable with the 'Have a Beer' reward system and start using it much more.  More on this in a new thread, soon to be posted.

As always, thank you very much for helping me make the #RelatedSites a great place for the EE community and feel free to send me your ideas and suggestions.

Thank you!


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Reply by jkvasanApril 13, 2017

Hi I was not active a bit lately due to long term project commitments and would stay subscribed and be interactive from now on.  Thanks in advance for the understanding. 

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Reply by stephanebApril 13, 2017

No worries at all Jayaraman!  And thank you for the update.

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Reply by CarpetofStarsApril 13, 2017

I accidentally hit the unsubscribe link in the latest email and saw that I got unsubscribed. I immediately went to the DSP Related link and hit subscribe. I hope my conflicting choices didn't get crossed in the mail. If so I will do the subscribe option again.

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Reply by stephanebApril 13, 2017

Just look in the right column under 'Subscribe', it should tell you your current status.  Example:


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Reply by rrlagicApril 13, 2017


May I suggest to include original post or at least some excerpt in notification e-mails, so despite vague title the reader could estimate whether the subject falls in their area of expertise.