VHDL Matrix Multiplication using UART and BRAM

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My project involves performing matrix multiplication in vhdl. The two input matrices (8 bits each) are sent using a terminal and received via UART Rx. The FPGA device receives data and operates (add or mult) on the two matrices and sends back the output (16) using the UART Tx and the output matrix is shown on the terminal. I am still in the design process. 

1) How to input the matrix for multiplication or addition using the terminal?

2) How to use the BRAMs to receive the two matrices for the terminal? 

3) Since I don't need to initialize BRAMs from an external file, how do I make it recieve data using the UART?

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Reply by adamt99June 30, 2018

What is your FPGA experience ? Unless you want to use something like a Zynq you are going to need to do the following 

1) Create a UART connected to a state machine which can download and upload the data over the terminal. The statemachine tells the MM module when the download has completed. e.g. you have recieved two 8 bit numbers. 

2) Create the matrix multiplication module which performs the actual fucntion

3) write the data back into in the BRAM and tell the statemachine you have anew result to send out over the UART

This should be fairly straight forward to acheive. is it a homework project? 

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Reply by maha_66June 30, 2018

Thank you for responding.

I am fairly new to FPGAs.  

This is a homework project and I am using a Basys 3 board. 

  1.  Does the BRAM solely work as a fifo when receiving and sending data? 
  2. Should I use a Synchronous Dual port BRAM for receiving 8 bit inputs matrices?
  3. Do I need to make the BRAM (for ouput) send data directly to the UART Tx?

I have planned to make vhdl modules for the following: uart rx, uart tx, synchronous_bram (for input matrices), simple dual port bram(for result matrix) and a matrix-op unit. 

How and where do I implement the FIFO with bram? Does the state machine go inside the bram inference modules?